Chef Erika Araujo hails from Mexico City, Mexico. She is a trained nurse who found her passion for cooking once she migrated to Canada. Araujo studied the Culinary Management program at Humber College, and since then, she has been tirelessly promoting and teaching Mexican cuisine and Culture through her company Ixiim, using traditional recipes and creating dishes from Latin America.

She takes great pride in bridging authentic flavours from Mexico and Latin America, and in promoting the Latin American Culture to Toronto. Along with catering events, culinary demonstrations around the province, she has been building her career by opening an art gallery-café and a restaurant and having a line of tamales and fine bread.

She is currently the Director of Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality at the Culinary Confederation board Toronto branch, part of the Montgomery’s in Farmers Market and she has an online store. From culinary competitions, teaching cooking classes to both kids and adults, catering big events (fundraisings, vending in major events in the city, films and weddings), hosting TV programs, participating in cultural events and empower other women interested in the food industry, she will bring the heat of the Latin Culture to the table and make every guest to reacquaint their palates to real flavours and bringing what is most important to her, her roots.

Chef Erika supports artists, musicians, and other entrepreneurs like herself, who embrace their roots regardless of where they are come from. Chef Erika believes that magic happens when you practice your traditions, honour your roots and share them wholeheartedly.

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