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Apr 14 2022


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm




Join us for a full Italian Aperitivo Experience!

It’s not dinner, nor is it a snack. To understand the Italian aperitivo, imagine a table loaded with tasty tidbits and glasses full of hope, a way to savor the interlude between late afternoon and dinnertime. Everybody has a favorite drink to sip while taking life one nibble at a time, enjoying conversation around the table. Lingering is not only permitted but encouraged.

From the Italian words “aprire” (to open or begin) and “cena” (dinner), apericena (a-per-ee-chain-ah) is the tradition of enjoying a cocktail or glass of wine and a bite to eat as a prelude to dinner.

Complement your drink with our food platters featuring flatbreads, pizzas, risottos, house-made pasta, veg, cold meats and cheese, and tasty nibbles like arancini.

Try a Spritz, a Sbagliato or a Negroni. Or simply a glass of prosecco, a white or red still wine. The important thing is to appreciate your drink and your company.

What’s included:

– 1 platter of homemade and fresh snacks for Two

– 1 platter of rosticceria (fried Italian snack as panzerotti, calamari, arancini)

– 1 pasta or risotto dish to celebrate the best of Italian Region Cuisine (every day a different dish);

– a choice of a drink each;

This is an authentic Italian food experience.

Please note: To serve alcohol participants must be 19 years of age or older. We also offer non-alcohol beverages.

* Events are subject to change pending Toronto public health & safety measures

Information on what to expect when you come dining if you are COVID cautious:

– While we respect everyone’s opinion and decision about being vaccinated or not, we inform you that Fully Vaccinated Individuals are allowed to enter the facility as per the New government order. Please have your Proof of Full Vaccination and a Valid Piece of ID before entering.

*If you are not vaccinated you can order a take-out dinner experience.

– We will continue to conduct health screenings and take contact information as a precaution for any contact tracing needs as required by the Province.

– Both seating and eating areas will be fully sanitized between customers.

– Our entire staff has also completed COVID-19 Precaution Training and is Fully Vaccinated.

For your Safety and Health, we require all attendees to have proof of full vaccination.

– Sanitizing stations, hand sanitizer, and disinfectants are always available throughout our building.

We are committed to following Ministry of Health guidelines and even more to ensure the safety of our customers.  As such, here is how we are deploying best practices:

– Any staff that has traveled in the past 14 days will not be permitted to work at our premises.

– Any staff exhibiting any symptoms of the virus will not be permitted to work at our premises.

– Masks will be always worn by all service staff.

– Hand Sanitizer will be made available to all guests upon entry.

– Bathroom counters and surfaces will be sanitized more frequently.

– Routine environmental cleaning will be enhanced.

– hand sanitizing stations will be made available throughout the venue for our guests.

– A weekly health check interview will be conducted by the store manager with the staff prior to booking them.

– All glassware and flatware to be handled by staff with masks at all times, even during setup.

– We will institute more stringent policies, as required, to limit customer/staff close-quarters interaction and to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone.

Culinarium will follow all mandatory government and Ministry of Health orders. Our venue’s maximum capacity is now 16 people, but we can, and will, adapt and adhere to current government regulations as they change.