May 05 2022


6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Dinner & Dancing Event | The Quiet Immigrant. Femmine Forti.

The Quiet Immigrant Project: From tip to toe, from the island of Sicily and from the small mountainous towns and villages, le femmine forti immigrated.


For many, the journey’s starting point began before even arriving in Canada, their new homeland. For many – 9, 10, 12 days of turbulent travel, celebrating an 18th birthday at sea, kneeling and spontaneously praying for physical and emotional comfort.

The Quiet Immigrant Project is an homage to the brave Italian women who immigrated to Canada after WW2 and through sheer strength of character, with neither fanfare nor complaint wove their way into the fabric of society. Their stories of strength, courage, determination, and sacrifice are sure to move, amuse, and captivate – presented as a multifaceted, multimedia, and multilayered legacy exhibit.

With purpose and grace, we honor, pay tribute to, and celebrate this generation of ‘journeywomen.’  ‘Stories are the proof of life, sharing is necessary: mamma and papà lontano, cara figlia, “aiutati che Dio t’aiuta.” Family was grounding, the church was saving and comforting after all ‘il signore lo sa’, and the property was security. 

Stasera Si Mangia e Balla is a night of eating and dancing! Spend the evening tasting glorious Italian food and enjoying incredible wine. Then, take over the dance floor with our live band, Baci!

We are spotlighting a variety of eateries and restaurants resulting in an evening of amazing food prepared by Chef Luciano Schipano: featuring Pentolo with pasta e fagioli, risotto, fresh pulled mozzarella, pizza and gelato. Supported by all wonderful sponsor such as Tutto Gourmet Foods, Quality Cheese, Do Sapore all’Italia, e Mimi Food.

Wine served and sponsored by Magnotta Winery.

Entertainment includes music from Baci, the live theatre performance of Movement 45’, and the featured short film from one of our InHERitance Art Collective artists.