lunch and learn toronto

Lunch-and-Learn Program for Your Team

We know how important is for you to host a Lunch and Learn Program and we are here to help. We’ve worked with major Companies and delivered food to Sunny Brook Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, Saint-Michael Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, just to mention a fews. 

We offer a variety of food options to accomodate any type of dietary request and any palate alway in line with our commitment to cook the best Italian food using the freshest ingredients.

Our menus start from $20 per person and it comes with a choice os pasta or rice, a protein dish, 1 side and we include a fruit or dessert with a bottle of flat water.

Inquire with Us today and let us caterer your next Lunch and Learn. We will make it successfull and delicous. 


Lunch and Learn Inquiry

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