pizza school toronto

We are proud to bring the first official Italian Pizza School directly from Italy to Canada: Accademia Pizza DOC.Pizza Academy Toronto

The courses are hands-on (due to Covid-19 we are able to deliver all classes and courses virtually)and designed for anyone who wants to learn how to make a perfect pizza and how to start a successful pizza restaurant or just to improve the quality of your current menu.

Our courses are made for industry professionals and we also have planned few classes for casual home consumers alike.

The PIZZA DOC Academy was founded with the intention of passing on the art and craft of the Pizzaiolo thanks to the professionalism and experience of the Master’s Pizza Makers of the Academy.

A project started in Salerno in September 2018 and today present in Austria, England, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, and soon in Scotland, Germany, Denmark.

The Academy has bases also in Argentina, Brazil, the USA, and finally, landed in Canada (Toronto) thanks to far-sighted Chef Luciano Schipano, who wanted to bring in Toronto a real pizza school to complement and offer a better choice in the industry, for young chefs or entrepreneurs who would like to start a new career or sharp their skills.

The Pizza Academy foresees real training courses with detailed lesson plans leading the students to be ready to be introduced to the world of the pizza business and become true Pizzaiolos DOC.

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