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The information below is an overview of rules and rates for Culinarium Kitchen. All rules, procedures, and rates are made at the discretion of management and are subject to change.


Culinarium is a fully licensed commercial kitchen facility in Toronto. It is home to Chef Luciano Schipano, but also provides kitchen space for local food entrepreneurs to explore new food business ideas with minimum capital investment.

For questions, contact Luciano Schipano at


All tenants must provide proof of a $2M liability insurance to be kept on file. Products may be covered under the processors home/farm insurance. Processors should contact their insurance agent and add Culinarium as an additional insured. This should not be an extra cost to you.


Culinarium is inspected by the Toronto Public Health Department. Renters are expected to familiarize themselves with the rules and regulations associated with these respective bodies and to operate in compliance. Non-compliance with these rules will result in a termination of the rental agreement. No refunds will be given in the event that a contract is eliminated due to non-compliance.

It is your responsibility to check with the appropriate governing bodies to make sure that your operation is compliant.


Safety of the product and processor is the top priority of Culinarium Kitchen. Anyone wishing to use the kitchen must have completed basic Food Handler training and provide certificate of completion to be kept on file or make arrangements.

If at any time management feels that the processor is being unsafe, they may be asked to leave forfeiting all pre-paid fees.

Other Basic Safety Rules:

  • No children under the age of 16 or untrained individuals are allowed in kitchen while preparation is taking place. No one under the age of 18 may use equipment.
  • Renters must wear proper clothing. Sandals, shorts, tank tops, and jewelry that could fall in to your product are not permitted.
  • Hair must be worn back.
  • Finger nails should be short and clean – NO fake nails or nail polish allowed unless you wear gloves.
  • All cuts shall be bandaged with waterproof protectors, and watertight disposable gloves shall be worn.

-Renters who are sick or have infected cuts, lesions, boils or open sores will not be permitted to use the kitchen until they have been treated.


Is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that all packaged products are labelled in accordance with the Toronto Public Health and all Federal rules.

Culinarium will provide a “Made at” sticker. All processors are welcome and encouraged to use on products.


Culinarium provides basic cooking equipment:

  • 6 Burner Gas Range
  • Fryer
  • Broiler
  • 5 feet prep/line refrigerator
  • Exhausting Hood
  • 5 quarts Stand Mixer
  • Three Compartment Sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Prep Sink
  • Prep Table
  • Handwash Sink
  • 1 Deck Oven (inside measurements 38×46 inches)
  • Food processor

 as well as basic cleaning supplies.

Cookie sheets, pots, pans, mixing bowls and various utensils may be used by renters, but any additional specialized equipment is provided by the renter. Make sure you do not take Culinarium equipment home with you. If you do, you will be fined. Equipment supplied by the renter must be approved and will be inspected by the kitchen manager to ensure compliance.

Storage space may be available for additional cost. Please label any equipment that you leave in the space.


Renters wishing to leave, tools, equipment, or ingredients on site must rent storage space. Renter must provide tubs/boxes that can be closed and clearly labeled with the owner’s name. Perishable contents must be labeled and dated.

A freezer or refrigerator may be available for rent.

All other personal items must be removed upon leaving the facility. Anything left in the kitchen outside of designated storage may be consumed, used or disposed of.


All renters are required to attend a kitchen orientation, which includes a tour with the manager before their first use of the facilities.


After Orientation, kitchen space can be reserved by emailing or calling +1 844.855.2433. Renters will gain access to a shared calendar to view available rental times.


All renters will be required to leave the kitchen in the condition in which it was found upon rental.

After using the space, renters are expected to change trash in the kitchen and bring it to receptacles in the parking lot. If receptacles are full, leave the trash bag by the front door. Any recycling must be carried out and brought home with the renter— we are currently on a recycling waitlist.

Failure to properly clean up after use will result in a fee of $50 per hour spent in extra cleaning.


Kitchen space is available from 12 am until 3 pm from Monday to Thursday. Other hours can be arranged if no events are scheduled for the rest of the day.

Please keep in mind that other chefs might be working during the same shift, so you will share the space and equipment.

Overnight – 12am – 6 am

$20 per hour

Min. 5 hours

Early birds – 6 am – 10 am

$22 per hour

Min. 4 hours

Prime hours – 10 am – 3 pm

$25 per hour

Min. 4 hours

  • Use of large appliance (deck oven) add +$5 on top the hourly rate
  • Dry Storage- $120/month or $800/year – You have to bring your own shelf metal rack.
  • Cooler Storage- $120/month – You can bring your own freezer or refrigerator for $240 per month.

*Prices are to be added of GST/HST and will be invoiced every month.


Rates are based on time reserved in the kitchen space. Renters who do not use all of their reserved time in the kitchen are still responsible for full payment.

Do not enter the space outside of your reserved time without prior approval. Renters who lose or misplace their keys will be charged a $50 replacement fee.

Long-term contracts that are terminated before the contract end date are responsible for 50% payment through the contract end date.

Payment can be made through cash, check, or online via Paypal. Recurring monthly payments must be made by the first of the month.

Drop-in payments must be made upon reservation!

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