Seniors Prepared Meals Program

Shouldn’t life get easier as you age? We think so. And we also believe you should never have to choose between eating well and living well. That’s why we’ve created a service with your lifestyle, tastes and nutrition in mind. What would you like to eat this week?

Our wholesome menus are all designed by Our Chef Luciano Schipano and his Team providing Vegetarian, Halal, Gluten-Free, Low Sodium and Diabetic options.

We operate a commercial kitchen with a full allergy management system in place to keep you safe!

Our kitchens have enhanced food preparation and contactless delivery protocols in place to keep everyone safe.

How To Reheat Our Food

All meals, soups, and desserts are labeled. We recommend heating your meals in the oven for the best home-cooked flavor. 

When you need to re-heat your meals quickly, the microwave is a great option. We have tested each meal and indicated the cooking time needed based on a 900 watt microwave. Note that all microwaves vary, so make sure your meal is steaming hot before eating. 

*Do not thaw or remove the label before cooking. Pierce seal only if indicated on the package’s cooking instructions.


How to Store Our Food

Every item is delivered frozen and can be easily stored in your freezer. There is no need to defrost the meals before you cook them, just take them out of the freezer and pop them straight in the oven or microwave. Some desserts don’t require cooking and just need to be thawed. These instructions can be found on the label.

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